Jun 11

Snake species found in Vermont

As the weather warms up and more people are outside, please be aware of snakes sunning on rocks (or under) or amidst the tall grasses. We have a number of species of snake in Vermont including:

North American Racer – black body with satin sheet – 4′-6′ long

*Timber Rattlesnake – black W-shaped cross bands on a tan background – 2′ – 4′ long

*Ring-necked snake – blue-gray color with a yellow (or orange) underside and a yellow (or orange) ring around its neck – 1′ – 2′ long

*Eastern ratsnake – black and white checkerboard on the front half, and then turns to a solid dark tone towards the tail – 5′ – 6′ long

*Milksnake – reddish-brown blotches outlined in black – 2′ – 3′ long

*Northern watersnake – reddish-brown blotches on a cream background when young. They darken with age to almost solid black with dark brown blotches – 3′ – 4′ long

*Smooth Greensnake – solid green – 2′ long

*DeKay’s Brownsnake – brown or grayish-brown – 1′ long

*Red-bellied snake – brown or dark gray with red underside – 1′ long

*Eastern ribbonsnake – three yellow, length-wise stripes on a black background – 2′ to 3′ long

*Common gartersnake – three length-wise yellowish stripes, one on the center of the back and one on each side – 2′ to 3′ long

The timber rattlesnake is Vermont’s only poisonous snake. The ones I have *’d are the ones that have been sited in my town (Castleton).

For more information on snakes in this region, click on the link below. There are pictures and lots of great information.


Be careful out there!


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  1. Kymber

    Wow…that's alot of snakes!

  2. matthiasj

    I've seen a lot of snakes so far this year here in KY.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  3. Confessions of an Overworked Mom

    I really hate snakes myself. There are several garter snakes that have decided my garden is a really great place to hang out. They keep startling me when I'm not expecting them.

  4. Lamb

    Come on down to Texas, lol! Snakes, snakes and more snakes! And lizards…a few alligators…tarantulas, the occasional scorpion…
    Yeah…I am so looking forward to moving up north!

  5. richard gauthier

    i live on lake bomoseen temp. i have seen 2 snakes with a ring and kind of light copper color in the water and out my wife who is from vermont says they are not water snakes yet i see them swiming what are they

    1. Aan

      Have discoverd sohenmitg interesting as for the dates for the 2015 calendar. Note this cluster of holidays and the Fathers called out times. First, Sabbath will be on the Roman Tuesday. April 2nd, on Thursday at about 7 p.m. is the last supper memorial, April 3rd in the evening is Passover, the night to be much remembered, April 4th is the Jewish Passover and Sunday the 5th is Easter! So april 2, 3, 4, and 5 are a real cluster! Now that year is mid point of the 7 years if the dates are correct and I counted properly. . .

    2. emily

      Most(if not all) snakes can swim. Also if you live near a lake of river you’ll probably see alot of snakes because frogs are a great food source for them.

  6. phil

    i saw a timber rattle snake i think it was back in 1995? 1996? sunning in the sun on top of a pile of logs in barre city only other thing i remember about it was its distinctive rattle on the end of its tail and that was the first and only time i sow one. and i also sow two ring necked snakes in montpelier city one had a yellow ring around its neck and the other had an orange ring when i was about thirteen either 2002? or 2003? hope some one will fined this information usefull

  7. emerson

    Are there no Copperheads in Vermont?

  8. Eric rounds

    I just found dead in the road by my house which appears to be a eastern yellow belly racer. Not sure if those common in southern vermont but it was an unusual looking snake as bright as its stomach was.

  9. Amanda

    I’m headed to our home in Castleton tomorrow. We are selling the house and the real estate agent said she saw what she thought was a rattlesnake in our basement. Any suggestions on snake removal do’s and dont’s?

  10. emily

    Hello, I live in the Danby area and I found what someone told me was a hognose snake. I couldn’t tell for sure, but are hognose snakes common around here?(I do have pictures)

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