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Prepping: Getting Started-Food Pantry

by ReadyMom


Prepping: Getting Started-Food Pantry
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Preparing to increase your home food storage is a critical part of preparedness. Read this from the American Trucking Associations:

When Trucks Stop America Stops

Significant shortages will occur in as little as three days, especially for perishable items following a national emergency and a ban on truck traffic. Minor shortages will occur within one to two days. At convenience stores and other small retailers with less inventory, shortages will occur much sooner.

Federal & Emergency agency recommendations are for a minimum of two (2) weeks. Read more HERE. Consider the possible response time of federal response agencies, the type of emergency situation that you are preparing for, your financial situation. Then consider preparing for a minimum of two (2) weeks and increasing your preparations as you are financially able.

The rule of thumb for food stocks is “Stock what you Eat. Eat what you Stock.” This will ensure that you are rotating foods that have a shorter shelf life than other foods in your storage. It will also help you maintain some semblence of ‘normal’ in a stressful situation.

From Food-Getting Started (GetPandemicReady.org):

How can I ever do this? Start NOW, but don’t defeat yourself.
Break the task of stockpiling down into stages. Getting your pantry stocked for two weeks is a good initial goal. Simply write down what you eat over a two-week period. Then add a few extra items on each shopping trip. Look for specials and bulk purchases. Remember to add lunches for children who are normally at school,
as well as infants and toddlers.

Once you’ve reached this goal, go for four weeks of food, then eight, and then twelve. In a few months, you will have a full pantry full of you kind of food.

Remember, the idea is NOT to always have gourmet meals, but to feed your family and keep them sustained as long as : To read the reast of post and make comment follow the link:


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  1. Kevin

    I have found going too the food store that offer a bargain for cheaper canned food, just because the date on the food goes bad is a year or so away. You can get certain canned food for as low as .50 a can with it being good still with 1-2 years left to be considered eatable in my book.The other day I picked up cans of ravioli (4 serving per can) for $1 each. just keeping an out for the deals can make or break yeah=).

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