Mar 07

Prepper Training

Prepper Training, some questions and tips

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  1. Brian Miller

    Hello fellow preppers, I am a director at FOX 44 news in Colchester, VT. I share the same views as many about the ignorance of the press and media on the matter of prepping. We want to localize this issue in a more objective way and find an individual or individuals who can give us insight and teach us what goes into preparing for the worst. We would like to contrast the training and life of a prepper with those who are oblivious and believe its a joke or it is unnecessary. Please understand that privacy is very important to us and if anyone were to interview with us for this very important story has the option of having identity concealed as well as voice altered. My wife would be conducting the interview, and I know in my heart that she would provide an objective and unsensationalized story on this issue. Thank you for considering.

    1. Oxana

      Thanks Joan,Yea I usually prodcue a rant like this when I pop a few beers and just hammer away at the keyboard. Usually the news will piss me off or something that I have read. Thanks for the compliments and yes I hate both parties but admire certain individuals on both sides of the spectrum.Nice site by the way Joan, I encourage you guys who read this blog to check it out, pretty interesting stuff and definitely relevant to the apocalypse!

  2. Paul

    I left a message on her phone and never heard back, if your still interested shoot me an email

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